For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: Does Ellsworth Farmers Exchange blend custom feed mixes?

A: Yes, we can formulate a blend specifically for you or based on your own recipe. Custom blends require a minimum 1000# order.

Q: Do you handle hay?

A: We leave that up to the local hay producers. They can control quality much better than we could. We do have straw available at all locations but supplies can get tight during certain times of the year.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Delivery IS what we do. For feed orders or products from our retail locations, delivery is available for a small drop charge of $25 per delivery on a regular route day. We deliver bulk feeds too but because these trucks are not scheduled on a specific route day, the delivery fee schedule is based on distance from our mill. We deliver propane, refined fuels, fertilizers and chemicals, farm supplies, and Dairy Doo too!

Q: Does EFE purchase local grains?

A: Yes, through our terminal in Atwood, we buy local corn, oats, wheat and rye. Our goal is to source these grains from producers in northern Michigan only. We also offer grain marketing services so between our annual grain requirements and outside destinations, we can move your grain.

Q: I need my soil tested. Do you provide that service?

A: We will send your soil sample to a laboratory for analysis and make a recommendation for fertilizer or soil amendments that will help ensure your soil's health is the best it can be. Soil samples are $13.00 per test.

Q: Do you carry Dairy Doo?

A: Yes, we carry a complete line of products from Morgan composting in all locations. Bagged or in tote bags. We also handle bulk Dairy Doo in Alanson, Atwood and Mancelona.

Q: I'm trying to live a more organic lifestyle. Do you carry organic products?

A: Yes we carry many organic products. Many of our dog foods, chicken feeds, fertilizers and soil amendments are considered to be organic.

Q: Can anyone buy products from the Ellsworth Farmers Exchange?

A: Yes, even though EFE is a farmer-owned cooperative, anyone can purchase products from us. We love to see new faces and starting relationships with new customers. Our staff is waiting for you and very interested in getting to know how we can help you.

Q: I need RFID tags for my cattle?

A: We stock RFID tags at all locations and will register them with the state under your name or premise ID#

Q: Will EFE sponsor my 4H project?

A: Although we do not sponsor individual 4H projects, we really enjoy assisting members with feed and nutrition selection. We will visit your farm or barn and provide expert advice on a personal basis, or meet with your club in a group setting. You can also count on us to be in attendance at any of the five different county auctions to bid up or purchase your project.

Q: I have so many questions about your company and products, who do I call?

A; If you call us toll free at 877-885-0095 and ask your questions, we will direct you to the proper person or department. Our phone system is linked company wide and we will get you the answers you need.

Q: I love Farmer's Creamery milk. Do you carry it?

A: Yes we do in both our Mancelona and Ellsworth retail locations. We receive new deliveries weekly.

Q: I need to vaccinate my house pets. Do you handle injectables?

A: While many pet medications are dispensed by prescription only, we do carry dog vaccinations at all of the retail locations.

Q: I'm planning on growing a vegetable garden this summer. Can I purchase seeds from you?

A: Yes, all retail locations stock a wide variety of vegetable, tomato and sweet corn seeds. We even carry some bulk flower seeds too.

Q: Do you carry Reed Boots?

A: Yes, all locations carry Reed Boots in Quatro and Glacier styles and we can order any size.

Q: I want to start raising my own eggs and poultry. Can I order chicks through EFE?

A: Yes, all locations can order chicks for you. We do recommend ordering during the warmer months, but we also have heat lamps and bulbs available for purchase as well. You'll want to keep those little peeps warm for a while!!

Q: My dog has really dry itchy skin. What can I do?

A: Your dog may be experiencing an allergic reaction. You may want to try changing his/her diet to a dog food with no by-products or grains. We have several choices including fish based feeds that have high omega and natural oils which enhances skin and coat condition. Also try a sensitive skin shampoo with aloe to help soothe the itch.

Q: I need to improve my horse's nutrition and top line but I don't want to spend a ton of money. What would you suggest?

A: Essential K from Kalmbach Tribute Feeds is a excellent option for all the nutrients your horse will need. With only a small amount per day with their normal grain and hay diet, your horse's nutrient intake will be satisfied. Plus, you can give Essential K to all classes of horses.

Q: My lawn is in need of major help. I have areas of moss, urine spots, ants and insects, weeds, and it just isn't very green. What do I do?

A: For moss, we recommend spraying it with a copper sulfate solution after you've roughed up the surface. Once the moss is dead, you can rake it up, and then apply ag lime or pelletized lime to neutralize the PH in the soil. Then you can seed, fertilize, water and enjoy the green grass.

For areas with urine spots, we recommend sprinkling the area with gypsum to help neutralize the damaged spots. For insect and grub control, we recommend applying an insecticide like Dylox. Many insecticides needs to be 'watered in' so application right before forecasted rain or running your sprinkler system will ensure better results.

We carry a complete 4 step approach to lawn and weed maintenance and we carry organic fertilizers as well.

Q: Do you deliver diesel fuel?

A: Yes we deliver on and off road premium diesel fuel. We identify our product as DieselX Gold. It is truly a premium diesel fuel with a 48 cetane rating to aid hard starts. It also contains a complete additive package to keep your engine running cleaner and improving efficiency by up to 8%

Q: Do you deliver gasoline?

A: Yes we deliver both ethanol free (91 octane) and 10% ethanol added (87 octane) gasolines. Both products feature Clean Flow additive technology to restore engjne performance and fuel economy, to clean injectors and remove intake valve deposits, to minimize hesitation and stalling, to inhibit corrosion, lower emissions and help prevent oxidation, gum, and peroxide formation in stored fuels

Q: Why should I buy your brands of motor oils or hydraulic transmission fluids?

A: Our Suprex Gold brand of motor oil and Power Fluid brand of HTF are designed to work hard. Years of technology, reformulation, and chemistry have developed the best products that are available in today's marketplace. They are all API licensed and meet or exceed all OEM specifications and are available in quarts, 2.5 gallon containers or in bulk. We use them exclusively in our fleet!!

Q: I hear you handle tires for all my vehicles

A: Yes, from our tire center in Ellsworth we handle tires for automobiles, trucks, semis, trailers, ATV's and all farm equipment. Give us a call and we'll recommend brands and schedule you in!